DIY Tiki Bar: A Step-by-Step Guide to a Backyard Paradise

Build a Tiki Hut

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Are you ready to add a little tropical paradise to your backyard? Look no further than‘s DIY Tiki Bar project. In this video tutorial, Jim walks us through the process of building a movable, multi-functional tiki bar using western red cedar. The cedar not only adds warmth and texture to the project, but it’s also cost-effective and naturally resistant to decay and insects.

Creating a Customizable and Durable Tiki Bar

First, Jim lays the foundation by building the floor frame and installing decking using 2×6 boards. He stresses the importance of making sure the frame is square and true, as well as allowing proper airflow between the slats. Next, he moves on to constructing the walls, including a back wall with a unique shelving system for tiki decor. The design is easily customizable to fit any space, and free building plans are available on

Finally, the finishing touches are added with the installation of the roof, fascia board, trim, door, and shutters. Jim even shares a pro tip for saving money and being eco-friendly by asking your local cedar retailer for shorts or offcuts. And with that, the tiki bar is complete and ready for Mai Tais. Cheers!

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